Family Guy Quiz

1. Where do the Griffins live?
Connecticut New York Alaska Rhode Island

2. When Lois first meets Peter, what song is playing?
Louie, Louie Do you love me? My Life Mony, Mony

3. Who is the station manager that Chris and Peter go see about getting Gumble to Gumble back on the air?
Jerry Suave Seth MacFarlane Alex Borstein Steve Callachan

4. What year was the video on sexual harassment that Mr. Weed made peter watch made in?
1942 1946 1952 1956

5. What religion are the Griffins?
Catholic Jewish Lutheran No religion

6. On the show, Diane, in 15 minutes of shame, what does Mario turn out to be in the end?
Broom Woman Horse Lesbian

7. What did it say on Captain Kirk's underwear when he split his pants ?
Warp 9 JT Kirk Enterprise Captain's Log

8. How many pictures of Lois does Quagmire have inside his closet door?
7 8 9 11

9. When Meg makes up the girl Debbie Miller in an effort to comfort Lois, what cereal is she eating ?
Admiral Crunch Fruit Circles Generic Puffs Unlucky Charms

10. What does the sweatshirt Death wears say when Peter goes to kill the kids from Dawson's Creek?
Quahog Middle School Rhode Island University Providence College Quahog High school