Season 1 Episode Guide


The Pilot Episode
Written by: Seth MacFarlane   First aired: Never

This episode was never shown on television.  The animation is very rough because Seth MacFarlane had a very small budget.  He therefore, did most of the animation by himself.  It is almost the exact same episode as Death has a Shadow except for small differences.  Those differences include:

101/1ACX01: Death Has A Shadow
Written by: Seth MacFarlane  Directed by: Peter Shin  Guest voice: Pat Summerall   First aired: 1/31/99

Peter is fired from his job at the toy company and then decides to go on welfare.  A mistake is made and he gets a couple hundred thousand dollars a week instead of a couple hundred dollars.  He buys everything he wants until Lois finds out.  She gets very angry and in an attempt to make up for it, he dumps all the money out over the Super Bowl.  Peter is arrested and sentenced to jail.  Lois objects and is also sent to jail.  Stewie realizes that he is still dependent on them even though he detests them so he uses his mind control device on the judge and gets Peter off the hook.
Transcript (Rob Pengelly)

102/1ACX02: I Never Met The Dead Man
Written by: Chris Sheridan  Directed by: Michael Dante DiMartino   First aired: 4/ 11/99

Peter teaches Meg to drive but he tells her to do outrageous things.  During her test, she tries to drag a cop like Peter told her to do and fails.

103/1ACX04: Chitty Chitty Death Bang
Written by: Danny Smith   Directed by: Dominic Poicino   First aired: 4/18/99

Lois plans a huge party for Stewie's first birthday, but Peter accidentally cancels their reservations.  Meg meets a cheery new friend at school.  Her new friend invites her to a party during Stewie's birthday party.  Meanwhile, Stewie is dreading the day of the party, convinced that the "man in white" (the doctor who delivered him) is going to return to put him back in the womb.  Peter takes Meg to the party without Lois knowing and then gets the entire circus to come to their house for Stewie's birthday.  Lois is happy about the circus but wanted Meg to be at Stewie's first birthday party.  The party Meg goes to is actually a cult that plans on committing suicide.  Everyone drinks the poison punch except for Meg who leaves with Peter.  Their leader was getting dressed when they killed themselves and could not reach eternal life alone.  He follows Meg and Peter and when Stewie sees him at their house dressed in white, he defeats (kills?) him.

104/1ACX03: Mind Over Murder
Written by: Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan   Directed by: Roy Allen Smith   First aired: 4/25/99.

Peter punches a woman whom he mistakes for a man at Chris's soccer game and is put under house arrest.  He becomes very bored in a short amount of time and then opens a bar in the basement to get his friends to come over.  Lois finds Stewie down there drunk, and in an effort to make her less made, Peter tells her to sing for them.  Lois loves singing and does so until the basement burns down.  At this point, Stewie goes back in time and keeps Peter from going to the soccer game and the whole mess is avoided..

105/1ACX05: A Hero Sits Next Doors
Written by: Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman  Directed by: Monte Young  First aired: 5/2/99.

Peter loses the baseball teams only good player so Mr. Weed makes him find a replacement.  Peter invites Joe to play unknowing of his handicap.  Joe turns out to be very good and wins the game for them.  Peter misses the attention of his family, as they are all amazed by Joe.  He tries to stop a bank robbery and almost is killed but Joe saves the day and Peter learns a valuable lesson.

106/1ACX06: The Son Also Draws
Written by: Ricky Blitt   Directed by: Neil Affleck   First aired: 5/9/99.

Chris wants to quit the boy scouts so he can spend more time drawing.  Peter refuses to let him quit even after he is thrown out.  The head for the head office in New York but Lois looses their car gambling.  Peter claims to be an Indian and gets the car back after going on a vision quest.

107/1ACX07: Brian - Portrait Of A Dog
Written by: Gary Janetti  Directed by: Michael Dante DiMartino  First aired: 5/16/99

Peter enters Brian into a Dog Contest even though Brian doesn't want to.  When Brian decides not to do it after Peter tries to give him a treat, they both get angry at each other.  Brian runs away and is brought back by the police.  He runs away again and attacks a man.  He is sent to the pound and sentenced to be put to sleep but Peter bribes the council and Brian is set free.