Miscellaneous Characters

Tom Tucker & Diane Simmons

They are the two news anchors for the Channel 5 news.  The often make fun of each other on television while reporting the news.

Tricia Takanawa

Tricia is the Asian reporter of Channel 5 who does all their on site reporting.

Neil is the nerdy editor of the school newspaper who has a crush on Meg.
Glen Quagmire

A friend of Peter's who lives on Spooner Street, Quagmire is the ultimate player.  He's always on the look for another lady friend to "go back to his place" with.
Cleveland & Loretta

Cleveland is Peter's African American friend who lives on Spooner Street.  Loretta is Cleveland's loving wife. They have a son, Cleveland Jr.
The Swansons

They are next door neighbors of the Griffins who just recently moved in. The husband, Joe, has to use a wheelchair because of an accident as an on duty policeman. He is married to Bonnie, who is pregnant.  Their son, Kevin, works at a nearby gas station and has the eye of Meg. ;)
Mayor Adam West

The mayor of Quahog, he is basically out of his mind and delusional (but still hilarious).
Mr. Weed

He is Peter's boss and manager at the Happy-Go-Lucky Inc. toy factory.