Family Guy History

Family Guy was created by our friend, Seth MacFarland.  He is the brains behind the whole Family Guy experience. He was born in Kent, Connecticut and enjoyed animation from his early days.  He attended the Rhode Island School of Design.  It was there that he created a short film called the Life Of Larry.  This film came to the attention of 20th Century Fox.  He was called into LA and started working for Hanna Barbara.  Mostly he helped with Johnny Bravo but he also created a short What A Cartoon film called Larry and Steve.  Seth Came up with the family guy concept while working there and he pitched it to Fox.  They weren't interested in animated shows until King of the Hill came around about a year later.  So Seth was given a modest budget to produce a 15 minute pilot episode.  It was so little that he had to do most of the animation himself.  He worked endlessly for 6 months straight and then delivered the finished product to Fox.  They loved it and picked it up soon there after.
The show was then cancelled after 2 seasons but at the last minute, a new president, Gale Burman, came into the Fox scene.  She decided to bring Family Guy back for yet another season.